Policy on the Safeguarding of Children and Adults in the Church


This statement was adopted by Hellingly & Upper Dicker Parish at a

Parochial Church Council meeting held on 14thApril  2019

This policy will be reviewed each year to monitor the progress which has been achieved.

1. We recognize that everyone has different levels of vulnerability and that each of us may be regarded as vulnerable at some time in our lives.

2. As members of this parish we commit ourselves to respectful pastoral care for all children and adults to whom we minister.

3. We commit ourselves to the safeguarding of people who may be vulnerable, ensuring their well-being in the life of this church.

4. We commit ourselves to promoting safe practice by those in positions of trust.

5. The parish commits itself to promoting the inclusion and empowerment of people who may be vulnerable.

6. It is the responsibility of each of us to prevent the physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse of vulnerable people and to report any such abuse that we discover or suspect.

7. We undertake to exercise proper care in the appointment and selection of those who will work with people who may be vulnerable.

8. The parish is committed to supporting, resourcing, training and regularly reviewing those who undertake work amongst people who may be vulnerable.

9. The parish adopts the guidelines of the Church of England and the Diocese.

10. Each person who works with vulnerable people will agree to abide by these recommendations and the guidelines established by this church.

This church appoints Mrs Alison Sylvester to represent the concerns and views of vulnerable people at our meetings and to outside bodies, as the parish safeguarding officer

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Churchwarden  Carol Haywood                
Churchwarden  Stephen Monico
Date 7th May 2019


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