Christenings, Weddings and Funerals

At Hellingly and Upper Dicker churches we are here to welcome and support you through these important milestones for your family.

WEDDINGS.  Our wedding guide gives you information about marrying here and answers some of the early questions you may have   Our Wedding Guide.   Most weddings are booked for a Saturday, but we can arrange weekday weddings when the church is not in use for scheduled services and events.

When you've had a look at the guide, do come along to meet us and discuss your wedding. The booking office is open on Friday evenings from  6pm - 7pm at Hellingly Church

 If you are unable to make our Friday evening, do contact us to discuss via email or phone initially.  Contact Us


CHRISTENINGS.  Our Christening services are usually held at 1pm on Sundays after our main worship service. 

To book come along on a Friday evening from  6pm - 7pm at Hellingly Church. (not open on Dec 23rd 2016)

When you book we will need to know  who your godparents will be and the number of guests you're bringing to the service.  There is more information here  - Our Christening service.   

If you are unable to make our Friday evening, do contact us to discuss via email or phone initially.  Contact Us


FUNERAL services are arranged with the local funeral directors. Please contact Rev. David Farey directly if you have any queries on funerals at our churches or on bereavement help. His telephone number is 01323 440450


Also, the Church of England websites provide really useful information to guide you through the preparations for Christenings, Weddings and Funerals. Do take a look at these.

Christenings - This website gives parents, god-parents and guests going to a Christening, details about what happens in a service and continuing that journey afterwards.  The Church of England Christening Website

Weddings - This website provides an in-depth guide to getting married or having a blessing in Church, including the legal requirements. The Church of England Church Wedding website 

Funerals - The website provides supportive information for those organising or attending a funeral and coping with bereavement. The Church of England Funerals website

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